Local LEGO lovers will want to head to West Warwick this spring for the area's first ever LEGO Convention.

Taking over the West Warwick Civic Center on May 20 and 21 is the Rhode Island Brick Convention, featuring huge builds from master builders, contestants from Fox's LEGO Masters and retro LEGO sets you can't find in stores.

It's a must-see for those who love building expert level sets, but full of fun for the youngest LEGO fans too.

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My kids have gotten very into LEGO over the last year and this is definitely the kind of event they would love to attend. It's a day full of building with tiny bricks and seeing some stunning builds from experts too.

There are going to be sections for building castles, an area for constructing anything you can think of and even a pile of Duplo bricks for younger builders to get their hands on.

Plus visitors can walk among massive cityscapes created from LEGO, battle scenes made from bricks and even moving trains crafted block by block.

It is sure to be an event filled with mind-blowing builds with plenty of photo ops moments for LEGO fans of all ages.

Best of all, you don't have to travel for hours to see all the LEGO magic. This first ever area convention is going to be held in West Warwick, less than an hour from the SouthCoast.

This is one of just 9 BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Conventions in the country so they are sure to bring the best brick action they've got when they head to Warwick this May.

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