Who knew that a 22-year-old from Michigan would be such a force to be reckoned with? We know him from his Fun 107 hit "Mine" and he is hoping you dig this one as well.

With everything going on in the world right now, this is the kind of message and song that just allows you to sit back and not have a care in the world for a few minutes.

The music video shows Bazzi living and loving in a carefree way. It also shows how virtual reality showed him the dream life that we all know is something we only see in the movies or music videos and not really close to real life. I'm pretty sure that's the message Bazzi is sharing with this song.

In a recent tweet, Bazzi says, "I wanted to make something that reminded me of the beauty and mystery of being young - sumn (sic) that would take me back to that place of naive freedom." I truly think he accomplished that with this song.

In case you missed me playing the song on the air, here you go:

Only good vibes in that song, right? Does it have the potential to be Bazzi's next big song? That's for you to decide.

Vote now, is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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