You can't deny his voice. He was one of those on American Idol that grabbed your attention right away. Adam Lambert has quite the career since. While he may not have had a number one hit or sold hundreds of millions of records, he has gone on to do some amazing things he never thought he'd be able to do, like singing in the band Queen.

Adam was born in Indiana but moved shortly after to San Diego. Thank goodness! He got his start on the stage at an early age of nine years old.

I have one short story to tell you about Adam. He loves to have fun. Adam came into the Boston area to do an interview with a friend of mine that has a nationally syndicated show out of Boston. Well, he did the interview and then shouted, "I want to go out in Boston, what is the gay club that's busy tonight?" Luckily, I was connected to many of the club promoters in Boston and not only knew which club but could call in a VIP section and have it all set up for him. He wasn't there long. I introduced him to a friend of mine and they were off to who knows where about 20 minutes after we arrived. Clearly Adam lives the real rockstar life and we absolutely love him for it!

His new song definitely highlights what we love about Adam's voice. Take a listen to "Superpower," in case you missed me playing it on Fun 107:

What did you think? Are we digging this one from Adam? Vote now and tell us if you think the song is wicked good or totally whack.

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