I'm not sure how much you've heard about the band X Ambassadors, but they've got a pretty cool story.

The band originates from Ithaca, New York. It is comprised of Sam Harris (lead vocals), Casey Harris (keyboards) and Adam Levin (drums). There was another dude too that's no longer with the band.

The story of how they got signed is kind of amazing. The lead singer from Imagine Dragons was listening to a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia and heard an acoustic song from the band. He told his label about the guys, and soon after, they were signed to Interscope.

X Ambassadors has been on the road for a couple of years now, still riding the success of songs like "Unsteady" and "Renegade," which you may have heard on Fun 107.

Their lyrics of this new song "Hold You Down" are pretty deep but the message is clear. I think of it as a motivational song than anything. The vocals and production are pretty powerful. If you missed me playing it on-air, take a listen here:

The vocals are what get me. They sound so raw and vulnerable. I'm not in charge here, though. What do you think of this power track from X Ambassadors? Are they onto something? Should we add "Hold You Down" to the Fun 107 playlist? It's a little rocky, I know, but maybe it's just the kind of song we need?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack? Vote now.

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