You’re a few weeks into those new year resolutions and undoubtedly have a news feed full of friends and family who are trying new, hip health routines.  There are likely a few health trends you’ve seen but are still unsure of what they are.  Here’s a few we’ve seen a lot of and a quick breakdown of what they are.


  • varin36

    Coconut oil/milk/water/flakes

    This isn’t the 80’s and people aren’t scared of a little bit of fat in their oils because now we know there’s good fat and bad fat.  Coconuts have good fat- some even call it magical fat. Along with a list of other benefits, it has been proven to help battle bad cholesterol and improve your skin.  We’ve jumped on this train and put a teaspoon of cold pressed coconut oil into our morning coffee.


    Buti Yoga

    Not so much a food trend but an exercise trend- the new rage, if you will.  Buti Yoga is a “movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out.”  You’re not just a single person in a class with a cute mat- you are a collective “tribe” gyrating with energy.  If you want to see what THAT looks like, check it out here.   We’d do this because when the video is muted, it looks like choreography for a Beyonce's Run the World(Girls) video and we’re totally into that.

  • AntiGerasim


    This one has been trending upward for a while now, it’s also known as the ‘caveman diet’. It gets its name from its inspiration- the Paleolighic era- where people ate meat, nuts, fruits and veggies, sans additives. The surge in popularity comes from the thousands of people who swear by its benefits, including weight loss.  This is one we believe in since we watched a coworker lose 40lbs in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

  • Mkucova

    Bone Broth

    This is not chicken or beef stock, although it looks pretty much the same. The different between bone broth and stock is the cook time. Bone broth is made by roasting chicken or beef bones (or bison, lamb, turkey- whatever) in the oven and then letting them simmer in a pot with carrots, onions, herbs and other stuff for 24-40 hours. That’s right, one to two ENTIRE days. The minerals and nutrients are leached out of the bones and result in a liquid rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.   You drink a cup or two a day and become a super human immune to everything. ...that’s what we hear.

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