I like to think I have been following Bebe since the beginning but she had so much accomplished before I was even introduced to her. Did you know show wrote and co-wrote some of Eminem's biggest hits? That's nothing, the girl had the longest-running country song in history with Florida Georgia Line.

Bebe recently turned the dirty 30 and she had been told it all – that her career is on the downswing and that she is "too old to be sexy." These are the ridiculous things she would hear from the higher-ups at her record company.

There is no way Bebe is done yet. If you follow her on social media you can tell she is in her prime and looks as good as ever. She is definitely feeling herself and I'm here for it.

So when I was listening to "You Can't Stop the Girl" for the first time, I immediately connected it to what she has been going through with her image and career. Apparently, 30 is "old" in the industry.

It's a slower song for Bebe but I'm loving it and the message that comes along with it. If you missed me playing it on air, give it a listen:

As I said, it's a little different for Bebe. That voice is undeniable though, and the lyrics! Now it's time for you to use your clicking power and vote. Is the new Bebe Rexha wicked good or is it totally whack? Just so you know, you do hold a lot of power here. You're going to decide if it makes the Fun 107 playlist.

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