Gobble gobble 'X Factor' fans, and welcome to the live Thanksgiving edition of the show! The decision to air a live show is kind of confusing and awfully inconvenient, given our current tryptophan induced coma, but we've put our maternity pants on (we're not pregnant) and are (kind of) glad to be joining the folks over at FOX.

The show was delayed 15 minutes due to the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys football game

In typical 'X Factor' fashion, the show was full of major performance B-roll material. In taped footage, a kind that should be shown more often, 'X Factor' joined forces with Best Buy to build a new music room for Sophia Lee's music students at the Bancroft Middle School, a performing arts magnet school. The music equipment, which was falling apart and often re-bought with Lee's own money, was replaced with state of the art music equipment, and surprise! The school's choir would be performing with the show's contenders tonight! Cue us choking back tears.

In a moving performance of Coldplay's 'Fix You,' the choir from the middle school, dressed in all white, joined the contestants on stage for a beautiful rendition of the song. With lyrics like, "Tears stream down on your face / I promise you I will learn from my mistakes / Tears stream down on your face / And I... / Lights will guide you home / And ignite your bones / And I will try to fix you," the tears immediately streamed down our own faces. Man, we're such wusses.

But we were brought back to life when immediately after the performance, Lopez told us, "And when we come back! Two people will be going home!" Or something along those lines. Whatever it was, it was a major buzzkill. And the first act going home is...

Arin Ray. We're not terribly surprised at the result, considering he's been considerably low on the America's votes ranking for the past two weeks, but it's still terribly sad to watch a man so young be told he has to go home ... in the middle of the show. Britney Spears, looking awfully pretty in a red dress, joined the stage to say goodbye to her ingenue, but she could barely get a word in edge-wise because uh, hello, Cher Lloyd is up next to perform!

Lloyd performed her new song 'Oath,' and sounded perfectly fine, but the backtrack was a bit too loud, leading us to believe that she, along with Becky G, who appears on the track with her, were lip syncing. Not surprising since there was choreography involved, but as a contestant who finished fourth on the U.K.'s 'X Factor,' we expected a bit more.

Beatrice Miller is headed home after a "sing for survival" of 'White Flag' by Dido. It was a perfect choice for the youngster; the rasp and grit in her voice goes hand-in-hand with the song, and the emotion behind the performance was real -- the girl was literally crying! But it sadly wasn't enough to save her. CeCe Frey gave a flat performance of Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You,' and for someone who's had to sing for survival twice, you'd think the judges would've said her turn was up and that it was her turn to go home.

Alas, CeCe gets to sing for another week after L.A. Reid, her mentor Demi Lovato, and Simon Cowell opted to save her. How many chances are they going to give this girl? Come on now!

As for the order in which the contestants  placed via America's votes, it went like this:

"I really thought Vino's performance last night would've gotten him the top spot," said Reid, confirming our own thoughts.

"Oh my God, thank you so much for voting me and thank you to everyone who supports me," said a clearly excited Sonenclar, who finally nabbed the top spot. "Thank you for being the best mentor, ever," she said to Spears. "I love you so much."

And so, the live Thanksgiving episode of 'X Factor' is over. Don't mind us, as we run to the dessert table to fulfill 1/7 of the deadly sins!

See you next week!