What a fabulous save by an animal control officer in Dartmouth!

The New England Wildlife Center's Cape Branch shared the story of a recent animal rescue on the SouthCoast after a grey fox kit found himself tangled in a soccer net. Wildlife experts believe the baby was probably going after small rodents that tend to hang out at the base of the nets when he got caught. To make matters worse, in trying to free himself, the fox ended up with some deep lacerations around his neck and shoulders.

"Luckily, [a] Dartmouth animal control officer (turned goalkeeper) was there to make the save," NEWC's Cape Branch wrote on Facebook. "She brought him to our hospital where he was immediately sedated so that our vet team could assess the injuries and tend to his wounds."

Courtesy of New England Wildlife Center's Cape Branch

Luckily, the fox did not break any bones and his skin was healthy enough to be sutured closed. He is now on the mend and because the fox's parents have not been seen since his run-in with the soccer net, the NEWC's Cape Branch hopes to pair him with another grey fox kit recovering in Weymouth once they are both healthy enough.

"They will stay together for the remainder of their treatment and eventually be released back to the wild this autumn together," the branch wrote.

At this time, the Dartmouth animal control officer who saved the fox has yet to be identified, but remains a hero for saving this sweet baby. Thank you, officer!

Courtesy of New England Wildlife Center's Cape Branch

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