In addition to being excited about Thursday night's Pats game against the Giants, I was so happy to see Gronk in his new element.

It's been an adjustment for me, getting used to not seeing Gronk playing football this season. I mean, are they winning without him? Yes, but it's still so not the same without the enthusiastic No. 87 running onto the field as the players and team are announced before each game. There was a bigger energy when Gronk was playing and that's not just my opinion.

Before Thursday night's game in Foxboro, Gronk made his debut on Fox Sports alongside Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez. My husband and I were sitting there in the family room watching while Michael Strahan introduced Gronk and he came running out to a huge crowd of applause. The first minute seemed ok while Gronk mentioned each of the others by name and what it meant for him to be working alongside them. Then, it got loud, confusing and somewhat unhinged. The four of them were talking all over each other at one point and trying to outdo one another. It seriously reminded me of the WWE during a wrestling match.

At one point, Gronk was jumping and yelling as if he were a wrestler ready to take his shirt off and throw down. It got silly, I guess.

However, it was still great to see him at Gillette Stadium, at least talking football if he can't be playing football.

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