The breast milk market seems to be all the rage lately and I'm kind of considering get in on it.

From buying and selling to straight up donating, I have been hearing about the breast milk market for a while now. And I'm really starting to think about pumping out some extra for those in need.

Now I know there is probably good money in selling this "liquid gold", but I think personally I would just go for donating what I've got.

As a mom who went through an 8-day NICU situation with my first born, I know the breast feeding struggle.

My daughter's issues required breathing and feeding tubes, so I never got to hold her right after she was born and never got the first feeding moment.

And though I tried to pump from the get-go, there just wasn't enough to fill her up and she ultimately had to have formula.

It all turned out okay with the help of a lactation consultant and super supportive nurses, but it would have been nice to have another mother's breast milk to use in the feeding tube instead of the formula.

And now Kent Hospital in Rhode Island is actually doing this.

Struggling moms can still go 100% breast milk with donations from Mother's Milk Bank Northeast.

And to me the best part about this is moms know the milk is safe.

Mother's Milk Bank Northeast screens the donated milk and pasteurizes it, so moms still struggling with breastfeeding can have peace of mind in what they are giving their new babies.

If you ask me being a new mom is hard enough without putting added breast feeding pressure on yourself.

If a few extra ounces of donated milk can help another mother get things going smoother, then I am happy to help anyway I can.

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