Taking my kids with me to the supermarket is always an adventure. And it's also the only place I can get them to eat this one food.

I love that the supermarket deli offers you a slice of the deli cheese whenever you roll up with your kids. And my kids love it too.

But only while we are at the supermarket.

It's the strangest thing really. While they are in the shopping cart the two of them can't get enough of the deli cheese. They would seriously eat like a solid half pound of the stuff if I let them.

And yet, when I try to offer them this same exact deli cheese at home...nobody wants it.


Why in the world is the cheese so amazing and delicious in the market and the one thing that will just sit on their plate at home? How is it only worth eating from inside a shopping cart?

I just don't get it, so I just had to put it out there to other parents.

Do your kids eat certain things at the market that they then turns their noses up to back at home?

Or maybe it's a food they'll eat out at a restaurant that would never be eaten if you actually cooked it for them at home.

Let's be honest parents, kids are interesting eaters to say the least. The thing they love one day is the thing they flat out refuse to consume the next. And vice versa.

So what's your child's oddest eating habit?

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