Going out to dinner on the SouthCoast this week, I was about to catch up with a few of my real estate friends and boy are they busy right now.

I'm sure there hasn't been a day that's gone by or a person that hasn't talked about our economy, most likely with doom and gloom. Over this past week, I have sat with at least three real estate agents who are telling me business for them, however, is good.

They haven't seen houses go on and off the market so quickly before. They were gloating so much I almost wanted to make them pay for dinner.

People are eager to get the transaction over with and get settled into a home they actually love.

So would now be a good time to get into real estate? I have thought about it before, just as a side gig.

Do you have any real estate friends that are actually busy right now? While I know they have always wanted to recruit me to join their team they have never been more welcoming to expand.

How are people buying houses right now anyway? Are you going to see the home in person? Virtual tours?

This got me thinking: are people spending so much time in their homes that they are actually getting sick and falling out of love for where they live and therefore moving? Are you contemplating getting into a new home right now? No, I'm not trying to sell you.

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