When it comes to working moms, there's no better state to be working than here in Massachusetts. Don't let your boss see this article, but according to some new data from Hire A Helper (citing data from the latest U.S. Census Bureau numbers), Massachusetts moms get paid pretty darn well. Better than all other moms in America, actually.

There's good news and bad news. As always, bad news first.

Massachusetts ranks in the top five most expensive states to live in America. The cost of living here is more than 10 percent more expensive than the American average. Things like rent, real estate (mortgages), food, power, taxes, etc. can get pretty costly here in Massachusetts.

The good news is that because Massachusetts residents tend to be some of the most educated in the country, we are usually better compensated to handle the cost of living here.

In fact, even if you factor in the high cost of living here in Massachusetts, working moms are still the best paid here. The average working mom makes $65,000 in Massachusetts. Adjusting for the expensive cost of living here, that figure shrinks to $58,877; however, that still ranks No. 1.


Here's what else we learned:

The most common jobs for a mom? It's not even close. Working in education or in health care topped the charts.

Eight out of 10 moms in Massachusetts work either full or part-time.

Moms of school-aged children are the moms most likely to work. Moms of younger, pre-school children are the least likely to work.

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