Abby and Gazelle both think they should be in charge of the show while I'm away on vacation next week.  Who would you leave in charge?

My trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam has finally arrived.  I'll be touring Europe with my mom and we've got all kinds of great excursions planned. I'm definitely competing in the Crossfit Opens this weekend in London, and again next weekend in Paris.  We plan on visiting Stonehenge, Versailles, and the Anne Frank House.

My only issue is both Abby and Gazelle want to be in charge while I'm away.  The show must go on. Abby and Gazelle will be hanging back at the station and Nancy Hall will be pinch hitting for me.  Gazelle's got the soundboard responsibilities down, but Abby definitely owns the administration side of things.. Then, there's Nancy: She runs her own show and knows both administration responsibilities and how to use the soundboard...but she's not a regular member of the morning show.


Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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