How to make more space on your iPhone home screen, the phrase that's been banned in 2016 by a popular fitness magazine and apps to help you stay on track with your resolutions.


For those people that never use the default iPhone apps like Stocks, iBooks or iWatch, you can now clear the clutter on your home screen with a trick to delete the app. The catch is that you need to have iOS9 or newer and it takes some shuffling around before the app is actually “gone”.

Woman’s Health made a resolution to discontinue using the phrase “bikini body” on their covers in 2016. The editor-in-chief announced in a blog post that they will no longer use the phrase as it can be an “unintentional insult”. They also will no longer use “drop x sizes” either as they want to remove any outdated notions of being skinny meaning health – instead, they want to focus on empowering women to be healthy and strong instead of just focusing on being a smaller size.

Whether you’re trying to become healthier, travel more, relieve stress or manage your money, these apps will help you stay on track in 2016.


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