On Michael and Maddie, I somehow brought up the fact that my wife and I share our locations with each other on our iPhones. Maddie and Gazelle were quick to say that they do not and will not do it.

"Oh, absolutely not!" Maddie said. "I don't like it at all. I feel like boundaries are incredibly important, no matter which relationship you're talking about. And I feel like that's infringing on personal space and personal boundaries."

I couldn't care less if my wife knows where I am.  The only exceptions are when I'm doing Christmas shopping or buying something for her birthday. Our family finds location-sharing between the four of us super convenient. My wife will often request a notification when I'm leaving CrossFit so she knows when I'll be back and she sometimes asks me to run some errands on the way home.

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Our audience had a lot to say about this. Here are some reactions:

A bunch of audience members weighed in on the topic, and I was surprised that I was among the minority of people who use the "Find My" app. One woman said that it would make it too hard to surprise her husband with fun things like pizza or something from the mall.

On the other side, one woman said that she shares her location with her husband because he goes out into the woods on his mountain bike. She likes to be able to see where he is and know that if he's still moving, he's OK.

Another woman wasn't quite so open to the idea.

"The answer is no," she said. "Hard pass. We do not share locations."

Maddie put it this way: "My husband doesn't need to know where I am every minute of every day and I don't need to know where my husband is."

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