Massachusetts isn't just famous for its history, beautiful landscapes and top-notch schools. It's also a big player in the world of inventions. Massachusetts natives have come up with all sorts of interesting stuff, from fancy gadgets to important scientific discoveries and even major holidays.

Their innovations have transformed industries and reshaped the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

It makes me proud to live here.

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Here are 12 inventions that were born right here in Massachusetts, just a small sample of all the great stuff that's come out of the Commonwealth and have made life better in lots of ways. From how we talk to each other to how we stay healthy, they keep inspiring us to dream big and see what else we can do.

12 Things Invented in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A lot of life-changing things have come out of Massachusetts. Here are a few of the Bay State inventions still relevant to our lives today.

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Items That Are Banned or Prohibited from Mailing in Massachusetts

Thinking about mailing a live animal? Think again. Here are some items that are a "No go" when it comes to the United States Postal Service. Here is the information provided by the USPS.

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Massachusetts' Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees

Ready to chose a college major? Want to try and score the biggest paycheck possible after school is over? Then these are the fields you may want to study.
The United States Census Bureau has ranked bachelor degrees by median earnings and these fields came out on top.

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