It's been quite a week here at Fun 107. What started off as a normal summer week turned into one filled with drama.

When I walked into the studio on Tuesday morning, I'd never have imagined that by the end of that night my friend Gazelle would have suffered a mild heart attack. He says that he thinks he may have pushed himself a little too hard on a self-designed workout.

Yeah, that Gazelle. The Gazelle that is always fussing about his nutrition and how he eats. The Gazelle that is always coming up with the next, best quarantine workout. The Gazelle that competes on the Providence Rugby team. The Gazelle that's 32-years-old.

Gazelle connected with us from his hospital room at St. Luke's yesterday morning and told us that his elevated cardiac enzymes were a tipoff to the medical staff that something was out of whack. His Troponin test showed elevated levels that suggest he had suffered some damage to his heart.

It's hard for me to talk about (or even write about) without feeling sympathy chest pains or arm numbness. I just can't fathom that our 32-year-old friend had to go through an experience like this.

The good news is that Gazelle is resting comfortably at home. His only homework assignment for the weekend is to relax and rejuvenate his body.

Both Gazelle and our Fun 107 family are so thankful for all of the kind words and well wishes that have been expressed with hundreds of calls, messages, and Facebook comments.

Gazelle told us yesterday that he will have to make some lifestyle adjustments.

We will help our friend along the way.

Fun 107 Facebook
Fun 107 Facebook

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