On Wednesday morning, I thought I was waking up to my alarm, but I was actually waking up to a slew of text message alerts form Gazelle telling me and Michael that he was at the hospital.

I shot out of bed and rushed to work in a panic. Michael seemingly did the same as we attempted to prepare for our show as calmly as possible. We were terribly worried about our friend while we waited for answers, and the diagnosis was far from ideal.

After a hot day and intense workout, Gazelle began feeling a weird pain in his chest. He decided to go to the hospital, and shortly after, the pain increased substantially. He found out a few hours later that he suffered a mild heart attack.

While he recovers at St. Luke’s Hospital, he called into Michael and Maddie this morning to give us an update on his condition.

It was wonderful to hear his voice but heartbreaking to hear how tired he was. Luckily, his humor was still intact, a good sign that our friend was doing better.

“I might have sent it a little too hard the other day,” he said, as he explained the intense workout he put himself through on Tuesday. “I was very hydrated…as soon as I got home, I took a cold shower. I don’t know if it was the shock of the cold shower and I was warm, but all of a sudden I started getting real dizzy.”

He began to feel pressure on his chest, like a “weighted blanket," he said. He made the decision to go to the hospital.

“I started to get into the stretcher, and bam, I started to get what felt like a Charlie horse underneath my rib cage," he said.

Gazelle is now recovering, in good spirits, and thankful for the heart monitor that he wore during his workout which picked up on the abnormal heart rate.

I am still trying to process that my 32-year-old friend suffered from a mild heart attack. He is young and active, and I figured that those two things would never match up with an instance like this one.

It was a scary reminder to listen to your body, take care of it, and trust your instincts. Gazelle admits he is typically stubborn but chose to listen to what his body was telling him.

Thank goodness he is on the mend. We love you, Gazelle!

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