Turk's Seafood

How To Cook Turk's Tuscan Seared Scallops
Turk's Seafood is back from their winter break.  We went to Mattapoisett and talked to Executive Chef Chris Johnson about some new dishes he dreamed up while on vacation. Turk's Executive Chef Chris Johnson showed us how he prepares one of his newest scallop creations: Tuscan Seared Scallops with a white bean puree...
Shrimp Carbonara
Chris Johnson, the head chef at Turk’s Seafood in Mattapoisett gives you step by step demo of how he prepares their extremely savory shrimp carbonara dish.  It's served with their bacon (which is smoked right in house), fresh shiitake mushroom, over egg fettuccini.
Turk's Is Back
One of the worst parts of living in the Tri-Town is when Turk's closes for the season.  This winter, the hurt was compounded when Nick's decided to close up for several weeks to modernize the look of the ONLY pizza place in Mattapoisett.  T Turk's used to close for about 6 weeks each winter, but that break was doubled a few years ago...
Unsung Hero
Some heroes don't wear capes, some just make it easier for us to eat delicious seafood