Richard Pasquill and his family have run Turk's Seafood since 1989.

In its 33rd year, the Mattapoisett restaurant has only become more and more popular as the years have gone by.

At 57 years young, Pasquill says he has not entertained any thoughts about retiring.

"I'm very healthy. We're lucky enough to close for two and a half months every year, so right now I feel like we're in a good place."

Will Pasquill Pass Turk's Down to His Kids?

As well as the seafood business has treated him over the past 30-plus years, Pasquill surprisingly says that he doesn't want his grown children taking over the business.

"It was a grind. I'm fine with it, but my son just graduated college and he has a good job. My daughter is married and she's very happy.  All I want are two happy kids, and this is a tough business."

At this point in his career, Pasquill says the hardest part of the job is putting the right crew around him, and he's been able to do that. He thinks the winter break (from New Year's Day through at least March) really helps him recharge the batteries.

The Rumors that Turk's Seafood Has Been Sold

Over the past month or so, Pasquill has started to field more and more questions about the status of his wildly successful restaurant.

"People keep asking me if I'm selling Turk's. People in town, people at the Bay Club, customers will come in and tell my staff that the place has been sold. They are under the impression that Turk's is sold."

Pasquill tells Fun 107 that he has, in fact, had conversations with people about expanding the Turk's brand, but he says that it hasn't gone any further than that.

"I have 100% not sold," says Pasquill.  "My staff understandably wants security, and I feel that I owe that to them There's no truth to the rumors that Turk's has been sold."

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