Ava Max had quite the summer with her hit "Sweet But Psycho" and AJ Mitchell was melting hearts all around the world with his single "All My Friends." These two have come together for a cute romantic track. Which has me thinking, are these two an item?

AJ Mitchell is an 18-year-old who found his place in the music world through the posting of YouTube videos and being super vulnerable with the fact that he was constantly feeling like the third wheel with all of his friends.

Meanwhile, Ava Max has been on the music scene for a few years and was given massive praise for her first single "Sweet But Psycho," which had many saying she is the next Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

These two team up for what I like to call a romantic duet. Both have verses that appear to be that of commitment and loyalty. So this will probably be played at weddings, right?

If you didn't hear the song on the air, here it is:

I'm still waiting for the steamy music video that should accompany this song. They would legit make a cute couple.

It's a song of young love and romance and being brave enough to ask for the slow dance.

I would love to know what you think. Get to voting if you think we should add is to the Fun 107 playlist. Is this song "wicked good" or "totally whack?" You can be brutally honest, we won't mind.

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