Now that the jitters have worn off and the work week has come to an end, I feel comfortable saying that my first week at Fun 107 was a success. I hope you are enjoying the Michael & Maddie morning show as much as I am.

With any new job, there’s always that period where you try to get to know your co-workers, and when you’re stuck in a small studio with only two other people, that period happens pretty quickly. Here are five things I learned this week about Gazelle and Michael Rock:

1. Gazelle Is Crazy about White Claw

Before my first show at Fun 107, Michael Rock invited my fiancé and me over for a socially distant dinner party, where I could get to know him a little better and meet the third member of our show, Gazelle. Gazelle was larger than life in stature and personality, and I enjoyed how animated he was when telling stories. I’ll have to admit, I was pretty shocked to see his drink of choice was Cherry White Claw. White Claw is notorious for being a basic girl’s go-to! And apparently, it is Gazelle’s as well.

2. Michael Has an Extensive Collection of Shoes

I did a lot of observing this week. New surroundings and new people will do that to you. As the days went on, I noticed that Michael had worn a different pair of shoes each day, one pair a different style from the next, ranging from lace-up Vans to stylish loafers. The man’s got style. I respect that.

3. Gazelle Is the Life of the Party

It took about two seconds to realize that Gazelle brings the party wherever he goes. From the stories he shares to the reactions he gives on-air, the guy is fun (no pun intended). I see a lot of fun nights out with this character in the future.

4. Michael Is a Romantic

Meeting Michael’s wife over the weekend was such a delight. After a wonderful meal from On the Go and a few glasses of wine, she spilled the beans on the early stages of their relationship. Come to find out, Michael tried to win her over – many times. Like, many times. He didn’t take no for an answer! The guy tried and tried, sat through Titanic, left love notes at her school, and eventually won her love. Talk about cute!

5. Gazelle and Michael Love Their Local Food

There was a recurring topic that continued to pop up on a daily basis: FOOD! I’m a lover of all foods, so this conversation was right up my alley. They speak so highly of the local restaurants, it makes me hungry just thinking about it. In four days, I've learned that I should go to Frontera Grill for the best fish tacos and Turk's for the best sushi. From the sounds of it, there will never be a shortage of snacks at the studio.

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