Name a better treat on Sunday morning than a freshly grilled and buttered piece of Portuguese sweet bread? I'll wait.

In a sweet victory for Lou’s Bakery, 379 East Main St. in Fall River, Louise Fournier and John Arruda have proudly clinched first place in the highly esteemed Viva Fall River and New Bedford Food Tours SouthCoast Snackdown- Sweet Bread Edition competition.

The win is not only proof of their exceptional culinary and baking skills, but also a celebration of 44 years of dedication to serving the community with delectable treats.

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Lou’s Bakery, a cornerstone of the Fall River culinary scene, has long been renowned for its massa, malasadas and an array of Portuguese sweets. However, its Portuguese sweet bread has captured the hearts and tastebuds of customers, making the bakery the undisputed champion.

Co-owner Fournier expressed her joy, noting, “We’re very pleased and very happy."

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The SouthCoast Snackdown, a friendly yet fiercely competitive event, aimed to uncover the ultimate baker of sweet bread in the region. Bakeries from places including Fall River, New Bedford and Swansea threw their hats into the ring, each hoping to be named purveyor of the best sweet bread in the land.

With big names such as Amaral’s Bakery on Globe Street in Fall River, Lorenzo’s Bakery on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford and Cornerstone Bakery and Restaurant on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, the competition was stiff. More than 20 esteemed bakeries showcased their finest offerings.

Ultimately, Lou’s Bakery emerged victorious, securing a 34.7% majority of votes.

As we bask in Lou’s Bakery’s triumph, let us also be reminded of the vital role that small businesses play in our communities. By choosing to buy local we not only get to enjoy good flavors but we contribute to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods.

Kudos to Lou's and all who participated.

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