Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse just wrapped a whirlwind week on the SouthCoast during which he toured a dozen local restaurants and businesses before bidding farewell to his hometown of Fall River.

Lagasse's visit to the region wasn't all for pleasure. It was a crucial part of his research and development efforts for a new restaurant he's planning to open in New Orleans. With a desire to pay homage to his roots, Lagasse spoiled himself with the authentic Portuguese food for which the SouthCoast is renowned.

Lagasse made unannounced stops at 12 establishments, surprising patrons and staff with his presence. The excitement began at Portas Da Cidade in Westport on Sunday, April 21.

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There, Lagasse and his team savored the flavors of Portugal. Social media platforms quickly lit up with photos and selfies featuring the popular chef, sparking a "Where on the SouthCoast is Emeril Lagasse?" frenzy that celeb spotters couldn't resist joining.

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Lagasse's culinary exploration didn't stop at savory dishes. He also took the time to explore the region's wine offerings. His visits to Saraiva Enterprises in New Bedford and Sarmento's Imports in Fall River showed he's committed to finding the perfect pairings for his menu.

From Portuguese delicacies to fine wines, Lagasse's SouthCoast tour was a testament to his passion for food and his dedication to his craft.

Here are the SouthCoast stops Lagasse made:

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