Faith in humanity has been restored and it's all thanks to a local Instacart shopper.

Sara Silva of New Bedford, working from home recently and not feeling her best, went online and bought a few things from Market Basket. Little did she know that her simple Instacart order would lead to a heartwarming act of kindness that would brighten her day.

Silva's order included a small indulgence: ice cream.

When her mystery Instacart shopper, Stephanie, informed her that the store didn't have the specific flavor she wanted, Silva joked, "I'll survive."


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Stephanie didn't shrug it off as easily. So, she made a special trip to a different store, Trucchi's, to buy Silva the exact ice cream she had requested: Ben and Jerry’s Dirt Cake. She wrote a note on the Trucchi’s paper bag:

"On me! Hope you feel better."

Courtesy Sarah Silva
Courtesy Sara Silva

The unexpected generosity touched Silva.

"Her kind gesture alone completely changed my day, and the ice cream certainly added to it," Silva said. "In an industry where all you ever hear is complaints, I wanted to recognize Stephanie for going above and beyond her job description. It’s relieving to know there are still good people out there."

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact.

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