I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... wait, is that ice cream?

The sweet stuff served up by Far Out in Boston looks and tastes a little different but it's definitely ice cream -- and its a colorful, flavorful experience that sets it apart from just about any ice cream place in Massachusetts.

Far Out ice cream is not quite out of this world but it is out of this hemisphere.

This is New Zealand-style ice cream.

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Far Out has two Massachusetts locations, one in Brookline and the other at Time Out Market in Boston, next door to Trillium Brewing and steps away from Fenway Park. Here, in this high-end food court, people are discovering a new dessert to go with their pasta, burgers, tacos and salads.

The menu is simple but the taste combinations seem endless. First, you pick your dairy base: vanilla, chocolate or vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt. Then, you choose a fruit: blueberry, raspberry, banana, strawberry, mango, cherry or kookaberry (a blend of all the berries).

Here's where it gets interesting. The hard-scooped ice cream goes into a special blender with the fruit, and then comes out not only thoroughly mixed but the color of something dreamed up by Dr. Seuss. The ice cream then goes in a cup or a waffle cone, and at the end gets the toppings of your choice: chocolate or toasted coconut flakes, graham cracker, sprinkles, matcha or nothing at all.

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The result is a funny-looking, flavor-packed, airy ice cream that goes down easy and doesn't make you feel sluggish later. It comes out of the machine looking like soft-serve but even that doesn't quite describe it. You also don't feel rushed to finish it before it turns into a puddle. Like other ice creams, this one surely melts, but the consistency seems to keep the melting to a minimum.

"Far Out" might be the best words for this sweet treat.

"When our founders visited New Zealand, they not only encountered the beautiful culture, but were met with the joy of trying what Kiwis call 'real fruit ice cream,'" Far Out's website notes. "We hope that our ice cream can be a vehicle for something greater: focusing and participating in the rich com munities we are located in, spreading happiness to our customers and our team members, and striving toward sustainability goals."

Far Out is a New Zealand concept but the ingredients are local. The company says it gets its ice cream from Maple Valley Creamery in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Vegan options are available.

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