It’s time to make the most out of summer, but the question is, where do you go?

Google released the top 20 destinations that travelers are searching for ahead of summertime, and it looks like travelers are eyeing the Bay State for a suburban getaway.

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How Google Collected Its Data

Google shared insights based on past flight booking data and search trends with Good Morning America and found a change in travel destination wishes.

The search engine gathered insights from mid-January to mid-March from U.S. users to see what locations people were looking at the most.

The list compiled by Google reflects people in the U.S. searching on Google Flights for travel anytime between June 1 through August 31, 2024.

“Cancun, which previously came in at number one during summer, dropped to number six, while Tokyo is on the rise, with Madrid and San Juan new to the summer location lineup,” said GMA.

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Boston Makes Top 20 Travel Destinations for Summer 2024

London took the number one spot on the list, followed by Paris and Tokyo.

No shockers there. Each location offers culture, cuisine, and Insta-worthy moments.

A little more surprising is the city of Boston landing at number 19.

Maybe I have become desensitized to the allure of Boston because it’s a car drive away, but when the city is sandwiched between Madrid and San Juan, it’s surprising to me that travelers would choose Boston over tropical places or destinations that require a passport.

Let’s be real. Summertime in Boston is supreme.

Baseball games at Fenway Park. Italian dining in the North End. Historical landmarks on Beacon Hill. There is something for everyone in Boston.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I need to plan a weekend getaway.

According to Google, these are the top 20 summer 2024 destinations:

1. London
2. Paris
3. Tokyo
4. Rome
5. New York
6. Cancun
7. Orlando
8. Las Vegas
9. Seattle
10. Athens
11. Los Angeles
12. Miami
13. Barcelona
14. Dublin
15. Fort Lauderdale
16. Honolulu
17. Denver
18. Madrid
19. Boston
20. San Juan

Happy traveling!

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