The iconic Citgo sign that towers above Fenway Park in Boston is a staple of the city’s landscape, but will there be a day when the sign is no longer there?

A popular Boston-based social media account reminded locals of the agreement that Citgo and the building’s owner have. According to the agreement, there is a potential expiration date for the sign.

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The Story Behind the Citgo Sign

The shiny Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square first appeared in 1940 as a Cities Service sign above the company’s regional headquarters.

“It was in 1965, when that company was rebranded, that it turned into the CITGO sign,” said the MLB.

Standing roughly 1,200 feet from Fenway Park’s home plate, with a size of 60 feet by 60 feet, the Citgo sign has become synonymous with the Back Bay.


When the sign was almost taken down in 1982, Bostonians lobbied to have the sign become a historical landmark. After being dark for three years due to the oil crisis in Iran, it was relit, but the sign has yet to get the “historical landmark” treatment.

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Boston Mayor Vetoes Landmark Vote

Back in 2018, Mayor Marty Walsh vetoed the Boston Landmark Commission’s vote to make the sign an official city landmark, however, he made an agreement that ensured the sign would stand for decades to come.

A 30-year deal was made between Citgo Petroleum Corp and developer Richard Beal to keep the sign safe at Kenmore Square.

NBC Boston reported that the new agreement allows developers to make small modifications around the sign.

“There’s been talk of possibly elevating it to enhance visibility and now Related Beal has more flexibility if it chooses to renovate the building,” said the outlet.

How Long Will the Citgo Sign Be in Boston?

“The Boston developer who owns the building on which the CITGO sign sits on has an agreement with Citgo that will allow the sign to remain in place until 2048,” said Onlyinbos online, sending Bostonians into a tizzy.

“It is part of Boston’s skyline,” said Donna Mazzie.

“That sign better never disappear ever!” said Shawn Akerblom.

“That sign is so ingrained as (a) city landmark…that’s how we know we’re home,” said Christine Marie.

When 2048 ultimately arrives, locals have faith that the city will do what is necessary to keep the Citgo sign hanging high above the city.

Should it become a historic landmark? Bostonians think so.

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