ACUSHNET (WBSM) — Country Whip in Acushnet has had hot fudge sundaes and French fries for years, but owners Ronnie and Lolly Fernandes had to hit the road in order to come up with the idea of putting the two staples together into one tasty treat.

That's just one of the many new flavor combinations on the menu.

Country Whip opened for the season today with new menu items and an expanded focus, now offering morning coffee and baked goods.

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Country Whip Is Whipping Up Morning Java

“Today was the first day we started coffee and muffins and pastry in the morning,” said Rodney Fernandes, who owns and operates Country Whip with his wife Lolly. “We noticed in this area, people have nowhere to grab coffee on their way out.”

“We have the breakfast place down the street, but nowhere for just quick grab and go, so we decided to do that this morning and were surprised how many people popped in,” he said.

Fernandes said they met up with Cape Cod Coffee in Mashpee in order to have them provide the brew served up at Country Whip each morning.

“We like their product, and that’s who is supplying us with coffee, signage,” he said. “We like that they’re a small hometown brewer kind of thing.”

Courtesy Country Whip
Courtesy Country Whip

The Fernandes couple knows a thing or two about coffee, being the former owners of both Boston Coffee and Bagel and Lolly’s Cafe.

Country Whip will offer a full coffee bar – including cappuccino and espresso – throughout the day.

“We’re open late because of ice cream, and we expect some people will still come out for a coffee or a cappuccino at night,” Fernandes said.

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Country Whip’s New “Funky Fries” Are the Flavor Combos We Didn't Know We Needed

Coffee, muffins and pastries aren’t the only new things on the menu; Country Whip debuted its new “Funky Fries” menu today as well.

Rodney and Lolly were inspired to funk-ify some fries after seeing crazy combinations utilizing spuds at some places they visited.

“We went down south during our vacation and saw some things, so we brought it up here,” Fernandes said. “We figured if it was happening down there, why not give it a shot?”

Courtesy Country Whip
Courtesy Country Whip

Fernandes may have borrowed the idea for Funky Fries, but the flavor combinations were all created in the Country Whip kitchen.

There’s the simple Hog and Cheese, featuring fries topped with bacon and melted cheddar, and for those who love poutine, there’s the Canadian, which is topped with poutine gravy and cheese curds.

Looking to pig out? Go for the Pig Mac, topped with mac and cheese, shredded pork and two onion rings.

Courtesy Country Whip
Courtesy Country Whip

There are also Fiesta Fries, topped with chili, cheese, sour cream and chives.

Need a little spice in your life? Try the Fire Fry, topped with Buffalo chicken and bleu cheese, or the Hidden Dragon, topped with sesame seeds, General Tso’s chicken and banana peppers.

For the truly adventurous, though, you might want to try one of Country Whip’s fries-and-ice-cream combos: the Froz “N” Fry, which is fries topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, or The Mundae, featuring fries topped with maple ice cream, bacon bits and maple cream sauce.

Fernandes said the ice-cream-and-potatoes combination is his favorite.

“Why bother separating them when you can throw them in a bowl and have it all?” he said with a laugh.

Country Whip Is Whipping Up More Ideas, Too

Now that Rodney and Lolly are in their second year of running Country Whip, he said the couple has everything under control enough to really let loose with having some fun with the menu.

“When we took over last year, it was a little bit of a culture shock from what we usually do,” he said. “Not all food businesses are the same. You think when you run a business for 30 years, it would be the same, but it’s just not. So we got it down to a little bit of a system this year, and it should run a lot smoother.”

Country Whip is open seven days a week, and will be opening at 7 a.m. with coffee, muffins and pastries and closing at 6 p.m. until April 16, when it will then move to closing at 8 p.m., Fernandes said.

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