Sometimes when we don't know how to pronounce a word, we just say it the easiest way and go with it, or whatever we think sounds right.  Well, here's a list of some words you've been saying wrong and how to say them RIGHT!

1. GIF- I always hear people pronounce this with a hard G...but nope, it's actually pronounced just like the peanut butter, JIF.

2. Dr. Seuss-  Who knew, after all these years, we were saying 'Dr. Seuss' incorrectly?!  I sure didn't!  Turns out, he pronounced his name the German way, it rhymes with 'voice'.  Weird.

3. Sriracha-  It’s hot, it's delicious, and you can put that ish on everything.  No, I'm not talking about Red Hot, I'm talking about it's long lost cousin, Sriracha.   By the looks of it, who wouldn't be perplexed as to how to say it?  The actual pronunciation is 'see-ratch-a'.

4. Celtic- I've heard it both ways...but mostly when I hear 'Celtic', it's in reference to the basketball team, so I say it with an 'S' sound...nope, it's actually a hard 'K', and everyone in Massachusetts has been saying it wrong all this time.  How bout that...

5. Bruschetta- Ok, you got me.  First, I say it 'broo-shet-ah' when ordering in restaurants, which is wrong, and secondly, my husband and I jokingly call it 'Borchetta' after Scott Borchetta, the head of Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift's record label...yep, we're weird like that.

6. Cache- So word on the street is that it's pronounced 'CASH', like money, not 'cash-ay'...but wait, what about the store?  Cache, you can't tell me that store with all the gorgeous dresses in the mall is pronounced 'cash'.  It's just not.

7. Espresso- Finally, for the love of all that is holy...there is no 'X' in espresso!  Stop.  There is no 'x' in this word.  The end.

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