Move over endless Friends pop ups. Beverly Hills 90210 wants a turn.

It's been all about the Friends pop ups lately.

From NYC, to Emerson College and most recently in Boston at 401 Park, the Central Perk pop ups have been everywhere.

But what about our favorite teen hang out before we loved giant cups of coffee?

What about the Peach Pit?

And maybe that's what Colleen's in Medford Square was thinking too when they decided to create a Peach Pit Pop Up (say that give times fast) within their ice cream & sandwich shop.

Pittsfield or Providence might have been better for alliteration reasons, but I'm thrilled to see a pop up Peach Pit wherever it shows up.

But what exactly is a Peach Pit pop up you ask?

Well, its when Colleen's Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop in Medford Square presents a Peach Pit-themed menu for five nights only.

Starting today, November 20 and going through Sunday November 24, fans of the staple Beverly Hills 90210 eatery can try a "Donna Martin Graduates" wedge salad, a "Brandon Sandwalsh" or a "Kelly and Dylan" (Banana) Split Sundae.

Personally I think a "Brandon Sandwalsh" with turkey, bacon, cheddar and avocado on pressed sour dough sounds delicious.

And it all in honor of Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling's live event at the Chevalier Theater on Sunday November 24 at 7 p.m.

But even if you aren't going to the show, you can still enjoy the pop up Peach Pit this week in Medford Square.

Now if only a nightclub would do a Peach Pit After Dark night...

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