During his interview on WBSM, presidential candidate Vermin Supreme mentioned the possibility of a "Cabinet of Memes," with his cabinet being comprised of internet celebrities such as Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson.

But we thought it might be fun to put together our own list of "qualified" candidates to be appointed to Mr. Supreme's cabinet, should he become President of the United States.


  • 1


    Greg could serve in pretty much any capacity, as he's well-known across the internet for generosity and his sacrifice. One thing he can't be, however, is Surgeon General--because he's never seen without that omnipresent marijuana cigarette dangling from his mouth. So much for the War on Drugs.

  • 2


    This guy really needs something to go his way. Poor Brian is always getting the short end of the stick, kind of like America these days. It doesn't even matter what department he gets appointed to--he'll just get fired the next day.

  • 3


    One thing you can say about whatever role you give OAG...she'll be committed to it. Or get committed, one of the two.

  • 4


    The clear-cut choice for Secretary of Education, Philosoraptor will put the nation's schools back on course. He'll also take a big bite out of Common Core as well--literally.

  • 5


    Giorgio A. Tsoukalos will be appointed as the new head of NASA and will spearhead (or mophead) a new era of space exploration, because he's got a good group that can help him lead the way. I'm not saying it's aliens, but...it's aliens.

  • 6


    President Supreme would be wise to allow her to address Congress on her very first day on the job. "We going to balance the budget, or nah?" At least then, we'd have an idea of what we're in for over the next four years.

  • 7


    Let's face it, this dude probably needs a job.

  • 8


    I'm all for putting McKayla Maroney in the role of Secretary of Defense. Imagine whatever the opposition rolls out on the battlefield only getting met with her trademark facial expression...that's enough to deflate the ego of any army right quick.

  • 9


    He would make a great Secretary of Commerce, because there would be little room for negotiation with him. He knows what he wants, and it's all the things.

  • 10

    Y U NO?

    It's hard to argue with this guy, and that's why he'd make a terrific Secretary of State. "Putin, Y U No talk to Turkey?" "ISIS, Y U No stop terrorizing people?" He'd ask the hard questions for sure, even if we might have trouble understanding them at first.