Imagine growing up as a foster child in New Bedford, taken away from your mother when you were just three years old. Then, being placed in foster home after foster home, where you are met with violence, abuse and neglect, often left alone for days at a time to dig through trash to find food. This was the life of U.S. Senate candidate Steve Pemberton.

Pemberton kicked off his campaign for U.S. Senate this week, and he called The Rock and Fox Show this morning to share his story about how he found people who cared about him at New Bedford High School. There were teachers that cared enough about Steve becoming successful that they not only helped him navigate his way to Boston College, they took him in when he had nowhere else to live.

Pemberton told us that after graduating from Boston College, he was able to get a job in the admissions office, where he learned about how diversity can strengthen organizations.

Pemberton parlayed the B.C. admissions job into a diversity officer position at He eventually accepted a vice president position at Walgreen's corporate before leaving to write a bestselling book. As of this week, Pemberton is focused squarely on becoming the next Junior Senator from Massachusetts.

You can hear his fascinating and inspiring discussion with Fun 107 right here:

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