Talking smack via memes on the internet is a part of being a true sports fan.

This weekend the Patriots start their playoff run towards what we hope is another Super Bowl title. Now the best part of being a Patriots fan is that winning is what we're used to. When it comes to quarterbacks, Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. When it comes to coaches, Bill Belichick another G.O.A.T. Heck even when it comes to owners, Robert Kraft is up there with the best of the best.

The problem is, most of the country isn't so in love with the Patriots, "Patriot-Haters," as they're called. They love to try and tear down the New England legacy at every turn. There's Spygate, Deflategate and this year there's refereegate. People actually believe the refs have been calling things in favor of the Patriots. They'll post memes trying to devalue what the Patriots do.

Well, I'm here to help you fight back! Here are some great memes you can post on social media for all your Patriot-Hater friends.


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    Getting impatient?

    Perfect to post and remind all your friends that the Patriots are coming and when they can catch the game.

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    Game Prep

    Let the haters know Patriot nation is king when it comes to the tailgate game.

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    Game Time.

    Remind any Titans fans you know what they're in for. It's honestly just a fair warning.

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    At Least They Tried.

    If all goes according to plan and the Pats can pull out a win, you definitely want to be ready.

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    If the AFC Championship works out to be Pats vs. Steelers, then you should stay ahead of the game. In case you missed it a Steelers safety who shall remain nameless guaranteed a win against the Pats.... That's not smart.

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