TB12 vs. JE11 2016
After Saturday afternoon's big win for the Patriots, some star players are having a little fun throwing shade at one another on Facebook.
Our Recommendations for a Meme Cabinet
During his interview on WBSM, presidential candidate Vermin Supreme mentioned the possibility of a "Cabinet of Memes," with his cabinet being comprised of internet celebrities such as Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson. But we thought it might be fun to put together our own list of "qualified" candidates to be appointed to Mr...
Brady Courtroom Sketch Comparisons [PHOTOS]
New York City courtroom sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg, is under fire for her "caricature" of our beloved Tom Brady. You may have seen the horrible portrait that's making waves on the internet. Rosenberg VICE asked about her work, she apologized to Brady...
Getting Older?
Though we may not want to admit it, everyone grows old - unhip, if you will. There comes a time in everyone's life when what you once thought was cool is suddenly not, and your life is going in a very different direction.

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