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Hillary Mentions New Bedford in DNC Speech
We've learned in recent days that Hillary Clinton spent some of her early working years in New Bedford, working for the Children's Defense Fund. But nobody expected the Democratic presidential nominee to name-drop the Whaling City during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Con…
Our Recommendations for a Meme Cabinet
During his interview on WBSM, presidential candidate Vermin Supreme mentioned the possibility of a "Cabinet of Memes," with his cabinet being comprised of internet celebrities such as Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson.
But we thought it might be fun to put together our own list of &…
Former Congressman Barney Frank Speaks At UMass Dartmouth
Former congressman Barney Frank says there's only one presidential candidate with a real chance to win.
On monday, Frank appeared at UMass Dartmouth to promote his book, Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage, and to discuss the 2016 presidential election...
Plug Was Pulled On Mitt Romney Fireworks
Election Night was obviously a disappointment for Mitt Romney, but it was also a bummer for Atlas Professional Fireworks Displays. Atlas is the company that provides the 4th of July fireworks at Boston's Hatch Shell. Mitt Romney had arranged for 10 minutes of fireworks to erupt from a barge on Bos…
Voting Poll
Every election, whether it's presidential or local, you'll hear more and more about how you should vote and it's your right to vote, and given this freedom you shouldn't just throw it away like some people do.
Election Gets Spooky
The 2012 Presidential election - Halloween Style?? I'm sure your picturing the candidates in costume. Not so. Think about this, I'm about to blow your mind.