In a wide-ranging (and sometimes head-scratching) discussion, presidential candidate Vermin Supreme joined WBSM's Tim Weisberg on Saturday morning to discuss his platform.

Supreme, who made headlines this week when he showed up in New Hampshire to file for the ballot with a rubber boot on his head, a giant toothbrush in tow and armed with multiple unloaded weapons, went over some of the things that make him different than the other candidates out there. His platform includes:

-- A pony-based economy that would give a free pony to every American citizen.

-- Mandatory teeth-brushing time each day.

-- Rather than taking steps against a zombie apocalypse, Supreme would rather see the zombies utilized as a means of free energy to power our nation. (Via a giant hamster wheel.)

-- Rather than bring in a bunch of stuffed shirts and overachievers to help fill out his cabinet, Supreme would instead create a "Cabinet of Memes" to help him run the country.

These are just a few of Vermin Supreme's radical ideas, and you can hear them all in the full interview below:


So what do you think? Would you vote for Vermin Supreme? Is he better or worse than some of the other candidates that are out there? Let us know!