After two seasons of Orange Is The New Black it's hard for me to think of the ladies in the show outside of prison. But obviously they are Hollywood actresses and they look pretty different when they're not wearing orange.

Since the second season was released on Netflix last Friday I have been obsessively watching Orange Is The New Black whenever I can. And I know when I get through these new episodes, I'm going to be dying for more!

Luckily Screen Crush has got the inside scoop on who we'll see for season three!

Sadly that's still another year away! But even if we don't know what will be happening on next season's episodes, I'm pretty sure we know what the ladies will be wearing.

Their orange and tan jumpsuits have become a huge hit at Halloween time and after two seasons of seeing them it sometimes gets hard to imagine the actresses wearing anything else.

Of course they do spend most of their time out of those jumpsuits and The Huffington Post shared some pictures of cast favorites looking very different. I definitely think Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren is the most dramatic change. Check the photos out for yourself!