I do not enjoy packing for a trip. It requires doing a lot of laundry, choosing outfits in advance, and trying to squeeze everything into a luggage that is bursting at the seams, because let’s be real, I overpack every time.

I unpack my bag as soon as I can, and it’s the first thing I do once I arrive at my destination. I pick my drawers, I hang up items to avoid wrinkles, and I lay out my toiletries in the bathroom.

My fiancé is the complete opposite. No matter how long our getaway is, he will go the entire trip without unpacking his luggage. He would rather rummage through his bag than take it all out and I don’t understand it.

Is this a guy thing? I need to know.

I decided to ask around the office to see what everyone’s approach is to the pack vs. unpack debate. Both Gazelle and Michael would rather live out of their luggage than use the shelves and dressers provided.

“I’m just too lazy to put it away,” Gazelle said.

I just don’t understand this thought process. I like to see what I’m working with. I like dresses to be hung and shirts to be neatly folded. If I keep it in my bag, I’ll have to iron everything, and there isn’t much I hate more than ironing.

What is your approach when you go on vacation? Do you take advantage of the closet space and bureaus, or do you unzip your luggage and call it a day?

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