Justin Bieber released his latest single "Yummy" and broke lots of records, but couldn't top the streaming chart because of one artist that literally came out of nowhere.

We all know how competitive Justin Bieber is and when he sets his mind on something he will rally his fans and knock it out of the park. Not this time.

An American rapper from California literally came out of nowhere and dropped a song that blocked Biebs from topping the most-streamed song chart on release week.

His name is Roddy Ricch he was born in California. He released a mixtape in 2018, got signed and actually released his first album titled Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial and lots of songs on the album went crazy, but one that not even the Biebs could out-stream was "The Box."

It may be a sign of the times or it's time for Bieber to settle into not being No. 1. You can decide that, though. In case you missed hearing the song on the air, here is the music video:

For a song that came out over a month ago and is still one of the biggest streaming songs in the world I think we have something here. Really, though, you are the decision-maker. What do you think? Is this new guy on to something? Are the days of Justin Bieber pop music over? Get to voting and tell us if we should add this to the Fun 107 playlist.

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