It's a dance that I don't think I'll ever be able to forget. If you remember learning the Macarena then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those that don't know what the Macarena is, let's just say it was the dance craze of the '90s.

I'm pretty sure the song "Macarena" that inspired the dance craze still gets played at some weddings and other parties. It's one of those songs you kind of wish would stay in the '90s.

Now I never thought the Macarena would ever be cool again, nevermind playing a song about it on the radio. It took Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga, to do a remake that samples the original "Macarena." I'm not going to lie, it was awesome to get to play the Macarena on the radio again and not just in the Back in the Day Café.

Tyga has been in the tabloids a bunch lately, mostly because of his relationship with Kylie, which apparently began when she wasn't even "legal." The relationship has ended and there's lots of speculation as to why. Tyga also had a nude picture leak that he reportedly sent to a transgender porn star. I'm thinking Tyga was trying to see if his career could take off like Kim Kardashian's did after her sex tape.

Regardless of all the drama, he is still producing music. Have you heard this remake? If not, here it is (WARNING: Lyrics are NSFW):

Be honest, what did you think? Did hearing it bring back some awesome dance floor memories from high school? It definitely did for me.

Now it's time to vote. Did Tyga do the "Macarena" remake any justice? Or is this song totally whack?

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