My name is Gazelle and I have a real problem with breakfast choices.

An average person would have a bagel with cream cheese or perhaps an omelet with home fries or a bowl of fruit or cereal, but, I enjoy the finer things in life. I'm talking about ice cream for breakfast and I have no shame in my game.

If you think about it, ice cream for breakfast is not too crazy, so hear me out,

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The other day, a visitor from a local ice cream shop stopped by and she dropped off a bunch of individual-sized ice cream cups of all varieties. From chocolate-mint to coffee, there was a flavor for every palate. I settled on strawberry.

While enjoying the finer things in life, AKA ice cream, my intern Karla began criticizing me. She said it was "too damn early for ice cream" to which I replied that time has nothing to do with ice cream. This is the part where I took her to church.

I asked her what ice cream was made of and she replied correctly: cream, milk, sugar and, in this instance, strawberries ... so, fruit. All completely acceptable ingredients for breakfast. I bet any money there's more sugar in the cereal they promote to kids these days than there is in ice cream. If anything, I'm making a healthier decision.

Also, it was just a small serving, but if I'm going to put any calories into my body I'd rather do it in the morning so I have more time to burn it off throughout the day.

Somewhere along the line, ice cream for breakfast was frowned upon, but I beg to differ. I see no difference in eating a bowl of ice cream or a plate of cream cheese-stuffed French toast. I also know I'm not the only one on board with this concept.

Payton's in Seekonk sells ice cream for breakfast and does it so well that people from all over stop in just for their flash-fried ice cream over French toast and waffles.

Finally, I'm a grown a%$ adult who can decide for himself and if ice cream is my choice for breakfast to start the day, then by all means, I'm going to do just that. Let's normalize eating ice cream for breakfast.

It's not the worst idea I've had.

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