It appears the One Direction boys are calling each other before they release new music. Just a few weeks ago, Liam Payne released a new song. Now we have Niall and I'm hearing rumors that we are getting new Harry Styles music before the end of the year, and it will have a collaboration.

It's interesting to see these boys still plugging at it. I"m still kind of partial to them as a band. I don't think any of them independently have stuck out to me as being the "superstar."

I did get to meet Niall and Liam once. Both dudes are really nice and down to earth. There has been this big facade around Harry Styles and how he has done the most since the split of the band.

Personally, I prefer Niall's musical style the best out of all of them – especially with this song:

It premiered last night and all the Directioners were going crazy. He sounds laid back and he is looking better than ever.

It does feel like a summer song to me and definitely feels like the old school One Direction we used to hear from these boys.

I'll give this one a thumbs up. I also have high expectations for Harry Styles' song.

What do you think, though? Are these boys here to stay? Did Niall drop another amazing song that you want to hear added to the Fun 107 playlist?

Vote now on "Nice To Meet Ya." Is it wicked good or totally whack?

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