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The One Direction Side of Niall Horan SPOTTED! (Video)
Just more the reason to enter our contest this week for when Niall comes to the Xfinity Center, last night he performed two One Direction songs during his Flicker show, most notably the 2015 smash "Drag Me Down" from their final album "Made in the A...
Niall Horan Named Best Kisser in One Direction
When you think of who'd be the biggest One Direction ladies' man, Harry Styles immediately comes to mind, right? Not for the band themselves! The boys in 1D are saying another guy in the band is actually the best kisser and the smoothest with the ladies: Niall Horan!
Hair Poll
We don't knwo why we haven't seen this before, but Miley Cyrus and One Direction's Niall Horan basically have the same haircut!