We're not going to lie. We were a little disappointed to not be able to give away Justin Bieber tickets as planned this past week. Unfortunately, Bieber, who is ill, was not able to get cleared by his doctors in time to play on Monday night at TD Garden. We will, however, hold onto those tickets for you and give them away when the show is rescheduled.

To make up for Bieber week, we wanted something special, and I think we've got it.

If Harry Styles isn't the most popular artist in the world right now, he is pretty darned close. When you're that big, you get to do things on your terms. He'll spend the summer touring Europe before coming back to the United States.

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Styles will wrap up the summer with an eye-popping 15 dates at Madison Square Garden. Very unusual, to say the least. You have to have some kind of star power to sustain demand for 15 nights in a row in the same city.

After New York, Harry will do a few nights in Chicago and Texas before wrapping up his U.S. tour with another 15-night stay, this time in Ingelwood, California.

That's where Fun 107 comes in.

We are giving you the chance to go to California to spend the night with Harry Styles.

Here's How To Win

Starting Monday, June 20, listen for a Fun 107 Harry Double Play -- any two Harry songs in a row. As soon as you hear them, go to the Fun 107 app (look for the Harry button on the home screen) or Fun107.com to enter the songs.

The Harry Double Plays include One Direction songs, so make sure you are listening carefully!

Here's a Pro Tip

The Harry Double Plays will air 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  There will be one double-play per day.

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