United Van Lines has released their annual movers study that shows where people are moving to and from in the United States.  Not surprisingly the data show that more people are moving out of Massachusetts than moving in.  Out of all the people moving in and out of Massachusetts, 56% of them are leaving, while 44% are moving to Massachusetts.

The Commonwealth is a tough place to live these days.  The cost of living is through the roof, inflation isn't helping, and neither is the weather.  Then, there's the taxes.  We haven't been known as "Taxachusetts" since the 1980's for nothing.  It's actually surprising that the outbound percentage isn't significantly higher.

The key question is where are these people moving from, and why are they moving here?  As you might expect, the states right around Massachusetts seem to be the ones that both attract people from the Bay State and attract people to the Bay State, but what amazes me are the people from two of the more distant states arriving here.

Who in their right mind would move from California or Florida to Massachusetts.  Clearly, Florida has always had a Massachusetts connection, so maybe a number of people are returning "home" to Massachusetts after living in Florida for a time.

California, however, saw more than 11,000 of their residents move from their warm, sunny state to the frigid temperatures of Massachusetts.

Here's a list of the states that saw the most people move to Massachusetts.  Technically, the first one isn't a state.  But then again, technically, Massachusetts is a Commonwealth.

LOOK: States Sending the Most People to Massachusetts

Stacker compiled a list of states where the most people are moving to Massachusetts using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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