Niall Horan has been having a blast as a solo artist and getting a few hit songs out of it. Both Nancy Hall and I think this Niall track is wicked good.

Nancy knows all about Niall. So here is the rundown: Mr. Horan is currently single. He is Irish so I really think he would love visiting Boston and bar hopping, even more so if Nancy went with him.

Nancy and I had a conversation about the song and she immediately told us how much she "likes" the former One Direction member. As a matter of fact, she immediately appeared flush in the face. Niall apparently makes Nancy feel some kind of way.

He will be hitting up Mohegan Sun on May 1 and you know we will have your tickets. We are thinking we have to take Nancy over there to see how well she handles meeting her celebrity crush.

Niall has a new song that is all making a special girl in his life feel comfortable around him. It totally has a tropical vibe to it and we love the message. Take a listen if you missed it on the air:

Thoughts? You know what Nancy and I think of this song. You have to admit Niall is looking pretty handsome in his suit.

Now we need you to judge: is "No Judgement" wicked good or totally whack?

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