What is it like to win $1,000 with Fun 107's Thousand Dollar Cash Code? Just ask Lyndsay Eldridge from Glendale, California.

Wait? How could Lyndsay win a Fun 107 contest if she is from Los Angeles?

Your first thought might be that she was listening via the Fun 107 app. That certainly could be the case. Since more and more people are streaming Fun 107 on their phones and smart speakers, we are beginning to see winners from all over the country. While Lyndsay says she does listen to Fun 107 on the app while living in L.A., that is not how she won the money.

Lyndsay is a second-grade teacher, and when her elementary school in California was closed down for the remainder of the calendar year, she decided to take advantage of the freedom. She decided to come back home to Acushnet to ride out the pandemic with her parents.

"It's been a nice change," said Eldridge.

She said she fell right back into listening to Fun 107 with her mom, the way she used to as a kid.

"I remember we'd always listen to Fun 107 on the way to school, and my mom still loves it!" said Lyndsay.

Well, that listening really paid off when she got the thousand dollar call from The Rock and Fox Show.

"Oh, my goodness! That's SO crazy! Thank you SO much," exclaimed Lyndsay after we broke the good news to her. "My mom is going to be so happy, she's probably listening right now."

Congratulations to Lyndsay, and be sure to bring us back with you to California! Listen on the app or through your Alexa device.

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