Harry Styles has proven he can make it as a solo act, but get ready because a One Direction reunion is in the works.

Yes, you read that right. Over this past weekend, one of the boys from the band was on Instagram live and started talking about how emails and texts were going around about the boys reuniting for their 10-year reunion.

Apparently he spoke too soon as many of the details are still not in place, especially since the pandemic leaves lots of logistics to work out.

From our sources, it looks like they will have some kind of reunion, probably virtually, in late July of this year. Sit tight as we will have more info on this.

Until then you can enjoy the latest single from Harry Styles. If you missed hearing it on the air, check it out:

Such a chill song. It makes you want to cut into some watermelon and sit on your patio on a nice spring day, right? That is, once we get some spring days.

What do you think? Does Harry Styles have another hit on his hands? He is supposed to come to see us in the Boston area on tour in late July and I'm thinking that tour date will get pushed pack, but we will definitely keep you posted.

Until then vote on whether his new song is wicked good or totally whack.

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